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     产品中心 -- -- 高尔基染色试剂盒
    英文名:FD Rapid GolgiStain™ Kit (large)
    产地:美国 亚博yabo2018:PK401
    产品简介:FD NeuroTechnologies成立于1996年致力于中枢神经的形态学研究提供独特的高质量的产品和服务,提供用于细胞凋亡微观检测用的试剂盒,神经组织的染色试剂,和细胞组织保存用的试剂,这种试剂可以不经过-20度冻存而使组织保持一定完整性和蛋白活性。订购热线:021-61525180、15021674120

    FD NeuroTechnologies成立于1996年致力于中枢神经的形态学研究提供独特的高质量的产品和服务,提供用于细胞凋亡微观检测用的试剂盒,神经组织的染色试剂,和细胞组织保存用的试剂,这种试剂可以不经过-20度冻存而使组织保持一定完整性和蛋白活性。

    Golgi-Cox impregnation1, 2 has been one of the most effective techniques for studying both the normal and abnormal morphology of neurons as well as glia. Using the Golgi technique, subtle morphological alterations in neuronal dendrites and dendritic spines have been discovered in the brains of animals treated with drugs as well as in the postmortem brains of patients with neurological diseases3, 4. However, the unreliability and the time-consuming process of Golgi staining have been major obstacles to the widespread application of this technique.

    FD Rapid GolgiStain™ Kit is designed based on the principle of the methods described by Ramón- Moliner2, Glaser and Van der Loos5. This kit has not only dramatically improved and simplified the Golgi-Cox technique but has also proven to be extremely reliable and sensitive for demonstrating morphological details of neurons and glia, especially dendritic spines. The FD Rapid GolgiStain™ Kit has been tested extensively and widely used on the brains from several species of animals as well as on the specimens of postmortem human brains.


    Kit contents:

    Store at room temperature

    Solution A                                         250 ml
    Solution B                                         250 ml 
    Solution C                                         250 ml x 2 
    Solution D                                         250 ml 
    Solution E                                         250 ml 
    Glass Specimen Retriever                    2        
    Natural hair paintbrush                         2      
    Dropping bottle                                     1      
    User Manual                                         1  

    Materials required but not included:

    • Double distilled or deionized water.
    • Plastic or glass tubes or vials. 
    • Histological supplies and equipment, including gelatin-coated microscope slides, coverslips, staining jars, ethanol,  xylene or xylene substitutes, resinous mounting medium (e.g. Permount®), and a light microscope.


    1. Corsi P. (1987) Camillo Golgi’s morphological approach to neuroanatomy. In Masland RL, Portera-Sanchez A and Toffano G (eds.), Neuroplasticity: a new therapeutic tool in the CNS pathology, pp 1-7. Berlin: Springer.
    2. Ramón-Moliner E. (1970) The Golgi-Cox technique. In Nauta WJH and Ebbesson SOE (eds.), Contemporary Methods in Neuroanatomy. pp 32-55, New York: Springer.
    3. Graveland GA, Williams RS, and DiFiglia M. (1985) Evidence for degenerative and regenerative changes in neostriatal spiny neurons in Huntington’s disease. Science. 227:770-3.
    4. Robinson TE, and Kolb B. (1997) Persistent structural modification in nucleus accumbens and prefrontal cortex neurons produced by previous experience with amphetamine. J. Neurosci. 17:8491-7.
    5. Glaser ME, and Van der Loos H. (1981) Analysis of thick brain sections by obverse-reverse computer microscopy: application of a new, high clarity Golgi-Nissl stain. J. Neurosci. Meth. 4:117-25.



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