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     产品中心 -- -- Goat antibody to c-terminal
    产品名称:Goat antibody to c-terminal
    亚博顶级线上娱乐平台:150 µl
    产地:osenses 亚博yabo2018:OSA00098W
    产品简介:Goat antibody to c-terminal of Alpha Synuclein (non-A beta component of AD amyloid): whole serum,OSA00098W

    Goat antibody to c-terminal of Alpha Synuclein (non-A beta component of AD amyloid): whole serum

    Code OSA00098W
    ID Tag Gt166-280609-WS

    Unit size 150 µl
    Immunogen A synthetic peptide from the c-terminal of human Alpha Synuclein (non-A beta component of AD amyloid) conjugated to an immunogenic carrier protein was used as the antigen.
    Conjugate Unconjugated antibody
    Also known as Alpha-synuclein, Non-A beta component of AD amyloid, Non-A4 component of amyloid precursor, SNCA, NACP, PARK1
    Background Function: May be involved in the regulation of dopamine release and transport. Soluble protein, normally localized primarily at the presynaptic region of axons, which can form filamentous aggregates that are the major non amyloid component of intracellular inclusions in several neurodegenerative diseases (synucleinopathies). Induces fibrillization of microtubule-associated protein tau. Reduces neuronal responsiveness to various apoptotic stimuli, leading to a decreased caspase-3 activation.
    Subcellular location: Cytoplasm. Membrane. Nucleus. Note: Membrane-bound in dopaminergic neurons. Also found in the nucleus.
    Tissue specificity: Expressed principally in brain but is also expressed in low concentrations in all tissues examined except in liver. Concentrated in presynaptic nerve terminals.
    Host Goat
    Purity Whole serum
    Clonality Polyclonal
    Isotype Polyclonal, whole serum
    Applications IHC, WB. A dilution of 1: 300 to 1: 2000 is recommended. The optimal dilution should be determined by the end user. Not yet tested in other applications.
    Specificity Specific for Alpha Synuclein.
    Spcs X-react. Human, rat, mouse. Other species not yet tested.
    Format Lyophilised
    Reconstitution Reconstitute in 150 µl of sterile water. Centrifuge to remove any insoluble material.
    Storage Maintain the lyophilised/reconstituted antibodies frozen at -20°C for long term storage and refrigerated at 2-8°C for a shorter term. When reconstituting, glycerol (1:1) may be added for an additional stability. Avoid freeze and thaw cycles.
    Expiry Date 12 months after reconstitution
    Transportation This item will be shipped to you at ambient temperature in a lyophilised form.
    References 1. Okochi M, et al. J. Biol. Chem. 275:390-397(2000)
    2. Pronin A.N, et al. J. Biol. Chem. 275:26515-26522(2000)
    3. Goers J, et al. Biochemistry 42:8465-8471(2003)
    4. Takahashi T, et al. J. Biol. Chem. 278:42225-42233(2003)
    5. Choi W, et al. FEBS Lett. 576:363-368(2004)
    Limitation For research use only


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